Sala di mungitura Tandem

Tandem stall system

Le sale di mungitura tandem DeLaval sono studiate per la mungitura laterale. Le vacche si trovano in poste separate lungo il bordo fossa, dove è disponibile una visuale completa sulle vacche. Inoltre, anche le vacche possono vedere l'addetto e abituarsi alla sua presenza. Ne consegue una mandria tranquilla, in cui l'attenzione dell'individuo è accettata dalle vacche, gestite più facilmente dall'addetto. Quest'attenzione personale e diretta consente di individuare eventuali problemi di salute delle mammelle, irregolarità e le condizioni di ogni vacca della mandria.

Efficient milking

With the optional ALPRO™ herd management and cow traffic automation, you can exchange information with the stall unit MPC to keep fully updated on each cow’s well-being. When the cow is milked, the system will automatically release her and another cow will take her place, so that you can concentrate on the milking process.

Efficient use of your labour will result in less parlour time. Shorter milking sessions also mean cows can spend more time eating, drinking and resting.

The complete solution

- A complete, fully integrated system for secure and profitable production
- Different levels of automation – the entire operation or selected parts of the process
- A wide range of options to customize your new parlour
- A full service program to support you when the unexpected happens

Milker ergonomics

DeLaval tandem parlour puts you comfortably close to the cow’s udder. It features a pit edge with a soft, rounded front panel to minimize the need for concrete structures. It also shortens the udder to milker distance. This means the milker can easily see and reach the cows during milking, avoiding the sideways twisting associated with cluster attachment or udder inspection. This ergonomic position considerably lessens the physical strain of milking.

Chose your automation level

With the optional in-parlour-feeding system you can even see if she is eating her feed, or if she has left any at the end of milking. Separating cows requiring special attention is easy, because they exit individually. In the traditional tandem parlour the gates are operated manually with simple switches. This is still ideal for small parlours with few cows. From this basic manual controlled tandem for small herds it is possible to automate various functions of the parlour to accommodate the needs of larger herds. For maximum cow and operator comfort - where the objective is to milk a larger number of cows but still retain the individual attention and operator comfort of the tandem system - we recommend ALPRO™.

Smooth cow traffic

ALPRO™ automated cow traffic can be adapted to various cow traffic patterns and milking routines. This widens the choice of building layout, making the utilisation of an existing farm building much more practical. The system’s electronics are capable of compensating for imperfect, irregular traffic patterns. Parameters can be set in order to speed up the throughput, without ever having to stress yourself or the cows. The system incorporates simple electronic photocells that track the cow’s progress through the tandem stall and transmit this information to the ALPRO™ controller.

Standard features

- Robust, hot-dip galvanized steel construction
- Bolted pit edge
- Robust main gate
- Vacuum cylinders for gate operation
- Safe stairs with non-slip surface
- Cow traffic with different levels of automation control


- Cow traffic control - manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic option
- Cantilever pit edge
- Push-out bar
- In-parlour feeding
- ALPRO™ herd management system
- Stainless steel cabinet for ALPRO™ connection.
- DeLaval adjustable floor

Technical data

- Parlour sizes: single side double side (left or right)
- 1x2 2x2 2x2+1
- 1x3 2x3 2x3+1
- 1x4 2x4 2x4+1
- 1x5 2x5 2x5+1
- 1x6 2x6 2x6+1
- Stall section: 2500 mm
- Pit width at floor level: 2300 mm
- Top: 2000 mm
- Pit depth: 850
- Length: (no of stalls x 2500 mm) + 2120 mm

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